The resume of Industrial Complex building
for processing of a municipal waste (further - Industrial complex)
with autonomous power supply
The last investigations of domestic scientists and inventors which are much cheaper than foreign analogues are used in Industrial Complex functioning. Its advantage is that the enterprise will provide complex processing of a municipal solid waste (further MSW), i.e. to let out production ready for immediate use or application. A ground area of 2-2,5 hectares is necessary for placing of one Industrial Complex.
The period from the beginning of financing to the start of operation is 360 calendar days.
Capacity of MSW processing of Industrial Complex is 100 tons per day, or 36 500 tons of MSW by year.
Delivery of MSW from settlements to a processing place to be carried out by municipal enterprises either other enterprises or citizens.
Production of Industrial Complex is: fuel materials, building materials, metal scrap, organic fertilizers, - which costs are considerably below similar production of primary manufactures.
Production will be partially used for own needs, and its main part to be realised to power system enterprises, power stations, building organisations, oil refining and metallurgical plants, road services, agrarian enterprises and other establishments, so as citizens.
The general annual volume of realisation of a commodity output will be almost 32 000 tons.
50 workplaces are foreseen for maintenance of Industrial Complex.
The low cost of production will provide high economic efficiency and self-sufficiency of Industrial complex.
About 17 million tons of MSW and organic waste are collected annually in Ukraine. They are accumulated on 770 landfills and occupy a territory more than 3000 hectares suitable for agriculture activity. The irreparable harm to environment, pollution of ground waters and rivers are consequences.
Existing methods of the MSW management in Ukraine do not maintain any criticism, do not correspond to the international norms of ecological safety. Despite a variety of laws, decisions and statutory acts there is no complete program of the MSW management in the State till now. The waist is simply taken out on landfills and covered by the earth - that leads to uncontrollable emission of methane to atmosphere, spontaneous fires and environmental contamination by harmful substances.
There are 4 factories for MSW burning in Ukraine; however, such kind of processing is irrational and harmful. Dioxins and other ultra-toxic and cancerogenic substances are exhaled into atmosphere. During the last years there were nothing done in the State in this area except lawmaking. Probably it was so because technologies available at that time were expensive and imperfect.
The global financial and economic crisis causes decreasing of consumption and growing of consumer’s economy. These are enterprises possessing innovative technologies in the field of energy savings which occupy the first places in a rating of investment appeal.
In the modern industrialized world the expenses of energy make the lion's share in the specific cost of production and become undue burden in social sphere. Existing methods of MSW management of foreign origin are expensive and are not complete. These factors strengthen an urgency of the prompt resolution of the problem of environmental contamination with simultaneous economic benefit. As it has been already noted earlier, during the last years anything similar was not created in territory of Ukraine, more, we do not see concurrents in the field of MSW management in the next 5 years. The project has high indicators of efficiency of capital investments and of their return.
All existing in Ukraine methods of MSW management demand big investments, are ineffective and are represented only by MSW sorting ТБО and utilization with receiving thermal energy. Specificity of raw materials which is used at the similar enterprises requires their placing outside of settlements. But heat transportation on distance more than 1000 metres is unprofitable and requires additional expenses for construction of a heat piping. Similar methods can be used in colder climatic zones where additional thermal energy is necessary for the purpose of decrease in power needs.
There is no existing MSW management units with a full cycle of processing. Offers are limited on building MSW treating factories near to big cities with application only of biological and thermo-chemical methods which are imperfect because of incomplete elimination of harmful substances.
In proposed project of the Industrial Complex similar problems are solved by inexpensive and effective methods. The Project is accepted as principle for the National Complex Program of use of secondary raw materials to reduce power dependence of the State and for resolution of actual social problems.
As the practice till now any of modern workings out in branch of processing ТБО effectively shows does not work anywhere in the world, and existing offers in tens times are more expensive than our project. Besides, at the decision of a question of placing of similar import installations in territory of Ukraine, the condition of enough high payment of their work from means of local budgets first of all is considered.
Advantage of the Project is that the local environmental contamination problem could be solved during a year, and the period of return of investments makes only 2.5 years.
The Project provides building of Industrial Complex with a complete processing of MSW securing an output of commodities ready to use or to sell, and this with absence of production wastes and with autonomous power supply.
The main components of infrastructure of Industrial Complex are:
- sorting station,
- pyrolysis unit,
- biotechnological site.
Sorting station is composed with:
- check-point,
- weighting point,
- sanitary post,
- dispatching post,
- sorting line, crushing site, pressing site, workshop of building materials, finished goods warehouses,
- warehouses of half-finished products,
- housing for the personnel.
Pyrolysis unit is composed with:
- pyrolysis apparatus,
- site of gases cleaning and liquefaction,
- rectification complex,
- tanks park,
- division of check-up and of output of finished goods .
The biotechnological site consists from:
- biogas station,
- section of organic fertilizers,
- definitive burial-place.
List of the necessary equipment: a sorting line; pressing, crushing and pyrolysis installations; installations for gases cleaning and liquefaction, installations and equipment of rectification complex, a diesel gas generation station; tanks; weighing-machines; elevating and cleaning devices and equipment. Terms of equipment manufacturing and carrying out of starting-up works is about 9…12 months.
Civil works consist in site covering with concrete for installation of all equipment, building of administrative-household, sanitary-check point, dispatching and laboratory premises; of an hangar for a sorting line; of a fire department; of a canopy for the pyrolysis site; of warehouses for semi-finished and finished goods; of a lighting system and means of the fire-prevention alarm system; of a barrier for protection of territory; of roads arrangement. Approximate cost of civil work it can vary depending on placing of Industrial Complex, area of territory, quality of furnishing and prices of building materials, earth properties and a relief of land.
The Industrial Complex is completely independent in aspect of power supply.
For maintenance of functioning of one Industrial Complex a staff in number of 50 people is necessary. The main processes of Industrial Complex are not highly technological and do not require use of high qualified labour.
This is a working group composed with representatives of SPE Lennox Enterprise, PE C.M.G. Consulting, JSOC “DL Engineering”, scientifics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and Vinnitsa National Technical University and other inventors was created for realization of the Project.
The investigations, which have been carried out by this group, allow to produce from MSW a whole range of products (see Annex – Commercial Offer).
This is a regular illumination in mass-media will take place during the Industrial Complex building as to course of performance of works. Besides, popular scientific articles of working group members will explain advantages of Industrial Complex.
The price policy was also taken in account. At the same quality the relative cost of production will be in 1.5-2 times below analogues. During the first stage (2-3 years) a retail trade with Industrial Complex production will not be organised - the prerogative will be given to wholesales with a strict control as to retail prices of dealers to be conformable to recommended. To motivate retailers a flexible system of discounts will be offered which will take in account volumes of realisation and remoteness from Industrial Complex.
The enterprises, which will be engaged in MSV recycling, will be released from profit tax payment and also from the VAT payment till 2019.
Manufacturing and realization of products could be done without use of extraneous organisations help - only with using own available labour and material resources.